Association for Excellence in Education

Enhancing the educational experience in the Tupelo Public School District.

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Linking Community and Education

Established in 1983, the Association for Excellence in Education's primary function is to facilitate funds solicited from community contributions through innovative grants that are awarded annually. These grants affect approximately 7,200 students in Pre-K through 12th grade and connect community resources directly to teachers' creative ideas, benefiting the children and parents of Tupelo School District in a way that is unique to our city and sets us apart from any other school system in the nation.

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This Can't Happen Without You

AEE aims to encourage public education teachers who want to significantly enhance their student's experience academically and creatively. AEE also helps attract and support a higher quality team of teachers by not only rewarding them financially for pushing themselves and their lessons, but also showing explicit community support.

Grants in Action